While the acronyms DWI (Driving While Impaired) and DUI (Driving Under the Influence) are used interchangeably and Minnesota Statute uses the first, both mean the same thing: you have been charged with a drunk driving offense and have resorted to scouring the internet for a competent DWI attorney.


A good DWI attorney, whether the charges are a first time 4th-degree DWI or are the most serious 1st-degree felony DWI, will know how to build the proper foundation for a defense in your case by asking the right questions. Was there proof you were operating or otherwise were in physical control of a motor vehicle at the specific alleged time? Was there reasonable articulable suspicion for a traffic stop? Even further, did law enforcement have probable cause to arrest you and bring you to the police station to blow into the Datamaster DMT breath test machine? Did the officer read you the implied consent advisory, ask if you if you wanted to talk to an attorney, and provide you with the means to do so? Did law enforcement even operate the breath test machine competently? Getting answers to these questions gives you the best chance at defending these accusations.


Do not waste any time as building a proper defense is a time sensitive matter. Let us do that for you.


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